Event Alert: Product Management in Early Stage Startups: What it is (NOT)

Product management function can really help a startup build the right thing. But should it be founder’s role? Or PM’s? How should one go about building the right product? This audio event will help you with many perspectives.

What does product management in an early stage startup look like?

Should you even hire a product manager in early stage of your startup?

What should the product management function look like?

How should founders look at PM function in the early days?

If you are a PM in an early stage startup, what’s expected of you?

Should you focus on building for long-term vs. hustle?

Join us for a deep dive into this topic on Feb 26th, 5 PM IST.

Topic: Product Management in Early Stage Startups: What it is (NOT)
When: Feb 26 (Saturday), 5 PM IST
With: Ashish Sinha (host), Vinay Singhal (Founder, Stage)
Where: On award-winning FWD App.
For: Free (Register 👇)

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