Event Coverage: MoMo Bangalore (March 25th)

[Lalit, founder of Mobisy shares the coverage of this month’s MoMo Bangalore, which was held at Nokia office on March 25th.]

This month’s talk + demo at Mobile Monday Bangalore was from Mapunity Co-founders Ashwin and Pradeep.
Arrangements at Nokia were impeccable however heavy rain ensured that the attendance was limited .
Mapunity is a truly unique company and Ashwin’s talk mainly revolved around how to run a company like a research lab.
Mapunity does some really focused research and development in the area of GIS for enterprises like Airtel and gets paid for it.
He explained in detail about economic, social and technological advantages of running a startup in this way.

I found it really cool, you get to do what you love and someone else pays for it, what better can you ask for ..
He made couple of references on how partnership with Government has helped Mapunity. And I think there is a lesson in this for all technology start-ups in India.
We sometimes tend to think that any engagement with Government would be a time taking and shady transaction, but daring to get over that presumption would have it’s own benefits as Mapunity has proven.

Later Pradeep gave a short presentation on how Mapunity is using cell based location data from Airtel to get traffic density in Bangalore and some other Indian cities.
He also explained how it could help administrators to solve traffic problems. He presented the SMS interface of Mapunity in detail.

Overall I think Mapunity is a really interesting start-up with a unique proposition. Since they are working on real problems like traffic, their uniqueness has an added social angle to it .
They are currently incubated at NSRCEL in IIMB.
Do give a spin to Mapunity, let me know what you think. At the least you might help reduce traffic congestion ..:-)

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