Explara Launches Entriz App; Now Event Registration Desks Can Go Paperless

Event Registration desk app, Entriz helps event organizers to make entry management at event registration desks a paperless affair.

entrizTired of managing the the registration desk at your events? With all the chaos and confusion at event desks, most organizers have a tough time managing the attendees signing in.

Entriz, an app by event management platform , will come to your rescue in such a situation.

Explara has launched its entry management app for event organizers to make entry point management at event registration desks a paperless affair. Event organizers can now validate  attendee ticket/registration, manage multiple entry points and check status of attendees in real time.

The app by Explara, formerly known as Ayojak, will help the event desk validate attendees email or ticket id using the app’s built-in Barcode/QR code scanner .

Registration desks can now login to their Explara account, select the events they want to manage, setup event desk/gate entry point with more than one team members to manage and validate attendee ticket/registration through the app.

How Entriz App Works?

explaraOnce the registration desk logs in to their Explara account, through the app, they will have to select the event to be managed from the list of all events managed through their Explara account.

The app can be configured to add any number of entry team members to manage different entry points and each team member can independently operate the checkin process.

After the event is selected, the registration desk can now start checking in the attendees using their email id used for ticket booking, ticket id issued during booking or by scanning their ticket QR-code using the app’s built in scanner. If all else fails, i.e you don’t remember your ticket-id or booking email id or your smartphone, the desk can manually go through the list of attendees and mark them.

The desk can also access instant report on information like how many attendees have checked-in, who hasn’t checked-in yet, what is the total number of attendees etc. This data can come in especial handy to manage the start time of the event.

Registration desks are one of the most crowded and difficult to manage spots at any events, especially. Those long and lengthy attendee printouts, especially when not in order, are difficult to cross check and verify using the traditional pen and paper process. An app that can ease the burden on personals attending to the registrations desk will make organizing any event easier.

In June 2013 Ayojak had re-branded itself as Explara, in a bid to reach out to a wider audience.

Earlier in December 2013, the platform also launched a Developer & Marketplace program to invite app developers, solution providers and service providers to offer their solutions and services via Explara platform API and an Event Marketplace, a solution for event organizers to offer their services as plug and play apps to their customers.

The iOS version of the app is in the works and will be launched soon.

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