Eventbrite Claims The Right To Film Your Events – And Keep the Copyright #WoW

Eventbrite lets you sell tickets online for your events.  The company now claims the right to film your events and..keep the copyright!
Check their udpated T&C:

The merchant agreement specifies that you “grant permission to Eventbrite and its agents to enter onto and remain on the premises (including real property, fixtures, equipment, or other personal property) where your event is hosted…with personnel and equipment for the purpose of photographing and recording the Premises, both internally and externally in connection with the production of digital content on the date of your event(s) and any other dates reasonably requested by Eventbrite (for example, during setup and breakdown for the event) (the ‘Shoot’).”
But in addition, you’re also granting them permission to record and use footage of all your attendees and speakers, “in any manner, in any medium or context now known or hereafter developed, without further authorization from, or compensation to.”
And after that Eventbrite “will own all rights of every nature whatsoever in and to all films and photographs taken and recordings made hereunder, including without limitation of all copyrights therein and renewals and extensions thereof, and the exclusive right to use and exploit the Recordings in any manner, in any medium or context now known or hereafter developed…” You’re even responsible for obtaining all the clearances and licenses “necessary to secure Eventbrite the permissions and rights described above,” and you also release Eventbrite from any claims that may arise regarding use of the Recordings, “including, without limitation, any claims of defamation, invasion of privacy, or infringement of rights of likeness, publicity or copyright.”

  1. This is no good sign for Eventbrite to be a leader in Event Industry. It just showed first sign of ‘trust can br broken’ as it prepares for IPO.
    We @Explara (www.explara.com) believe:
    An Event is owned by the organizers/hosts and they own everything about it:
    ● Attendee data
    ● Transactions
    ● Financials
    ● Event Brand
    ● Event Content
    ● Everything about the event.
    Time for Event professionals to look for much creative and advabced platforms like Explara and new ones.
    Dear Event Professionals, Eventbrite’s Clause 7 is against the Industry.
    Switch to Explara!

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