Eventifier helps event organizers make sense of social media chatter generated during the event

Eventifier (automatically) collates all user generated media for an event from various social streams like Twitter, Facebook etc. and makes an archive page for an event.

An event organizer’s biggest challenge lies in not just organizing/managing events, but also in aggregating/collating social media chatter that happens during the event.eventifier

But aggregating social media content isn’t easy and what really happens (with most of the event organizers) is very simple and illogical – i.e. once the event is over, organizers tend to go slow while winding up operations and wait for a day or two to get back in action. But by that time, all the event tweets are already out from tweetosphere and that’s where Eventifier automatic aggregation is of great help.

Eventifier (automatically) collates all user generated media for an event from various social streams like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Youtube, Vimeo, Slideshare, Speakerdeck, Prezi, Yfrog, Photobucket etc and makes an archive page for an event. As an event organizer, all you need to do is hop to Eventifier, add the event official hashtag and Eventifier will archive social media content accordingly.


We used Eventifier during UnPluggd and while we won’t say that the app gets you all of social media chatter, it does give you a lot of useful data – i.e. top tweets, top tweeps, tweets by tweeps etc which makes the product extremely useful.

Plus, the webapp (incubated at The Startup Centre, Chennai) classifies different content formats (photos/videos/slides/tweets) nicely for one to wade through social media data. In terms of monetization, Eventifier will roll out  a premium plan which will provide event organizers with in-depth analysis and statistics of user generated data around events.

Eventifier’s challenge lies in the fact that the app’s value proposition kicks in when the event is over. And typically, event organizers pay for services that help them increase ticket sales or help them with marketing of the event (i.e. direct $$ impact) – so maybe, powering analytics of event platform is a much better value proposition than providing a stand-alone service to event organizers?

What are your thoughts?

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