Ever wondered why do we surf the web?

There are only 4 reasons why we surf the web.

  • To learn
    To find information.
  • To feel.
    To have feeling or be moved – through entertainment or being impressed by something new or beautiful or surprising – is also a reason that people use the web.
  • To connect.
    Breaking down barriers between us and providing seemingly endless new connections with other people or organizations are the most revolutionary aspects of the web, and ultimately the ones that can be of the most enduring business benefit.
  • To trade.
    Trade has driven the growth of the web, and many of the most successful and best-known applications – such as eBay and Amazon – grew from and largely exist today as eCommerce models. People get on the web to buy, sell or exchange specific products and services

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By the way, could you think of any another aspect?

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