Evernote for Android Updated, Adds Notebook Stacks

Evernote, today announced a new version of Evernote for Android (version 2.6).  The new version comes with a number of fantastic new features and behind-the-scenes enhancements. The latest version can be availed from the Android Market »

What’s new?

Evernote is always trying to strike a balance between information-density and the consumer’ device’s form factor; too much content and its difficult to parse. Too little, and it feels empty. With this update, Evernote introduces a Snippet note list view. The Snippet View is designed to be more dynamic, giving users the most useful information about their note in the smallest amount of space.

If a note contains an image, then Evernote will show the note title, some text and a thumbnail. If the note is text-only, then instead of having a thumbnail, Evernote will use the full width to display as much of the text as it can fit. It’s all meant to give users maximum at-a-glance information. In many cases, users won’t even need to open the note – they will get all they need from the snippet. [There are other views available; users can switch to them from the view options menu.]evernote

Notebook Stacks

Recently, Evernote for Windows and Mac added Notebook Stacks, a feature which lets users visually group their notebooks. Now, users can see stacks that they created on the desktop from Evernote for Android. If there are specific notebooks that are most useful when accessed from the users phone–trip itineraries or shopping lists – users could consider creating a stack called Mobile for those notebooks. This will make it easier to find what users are looking for, while on-the-go.

Edit styled notes from your Android device

Now, users can edit any note in their account, whether a text notes, web clip, snapshot, or audio note. Users won’t see that pesky “Append or Copy” popup ever again. This feature works by maintaining the styling of whatever element they decide to edit. For example, if a user edits a bulleted list, the next line they create will also be a bullet; if they edit a section of bold text, then the content they add will also have bold text; and so on. They can also now edit web clips, notes with images, and any other note that’s already in their account.

A note on this feature: Evernote for Android now supports editing existing styled text, but it does not yet allow users to create new styled text or re-style existing text. Evernote is still working on that; also to bring these features to other mobile versions of Evernote.

And there’s more…

  • Improved sync performance: Notes sync around 6 times faster than in previous versions
  • Edit Saved Searches before running them by tapping and holding the search name
  • Improved image scaling
  • Faster note loading and application performance
  • Many additional bug fixes throughout

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