Every minute you fast, your body thanks you. An hourly breakdown

Every minute you fast, your body thanks you.

An hourly breakdown:

Only in recent months have I begun to fast on a regular basis.

Intermittent fasting every day, one 24-hour per week and a longer fast currently around 48-72 hours per month.

What benefits does fasting have though?

Let’s take a look.

Intermittent fasting has been proven to:

– Lower insulin levels
– Boost cellular regeneration
– Increased fat burning (fasting is the simplest and easiest method to lose weight)
– Boost metabolism
– Aid in recovery and reduce inflammation

In addition, I have also experienced increased energy and greater mental clarity (no brain fog) in myself.

I now believe that three meals a day is one of the biggest psyops we were told, and I hope to turn around multiple health problems with fasting in the coming months.

I have always struggled with stomach problems. Yet with fasting, I may have found myself a cure.

I am also seeing slight improvements in my acne and psoriasis, but it’s too early to confirm nor deny (from my own experience) whether fasting helps directly with these.

The hourly breakdown of what’s happening inside your body:

4 – 8 hours:

In this time frame, your blood sugars start to drop. All food has left your stomach and your body stops producing insulin.

This happens to everyone as they sleep.

12 hours:

The digestive system goes to sleep as all food has been burned. The body reacts by increasing the production of the Human Growth Hormone and begins the healing process.

Glucagon levels show less intensity as the body keeps your blood sugar levels balanced.

14 – 18 hours:

With no food in the stomach, the body turns to your fat stores for energy.

In additon, HGH levels start to spike rapidly.

Towards the 16-hour mark, your body turns up the intensity of fat burning.

At 18 hours, HGH levels skyrocket.

24 hours:

The process of autophagy begins. This is where your body breaks down damaged cells and starts regenerating healthier ones.

Glycogen levels are depleted and ketones are released into the bloodstream.

Ketones are released by the liver to help break down fat.

36 hours:

Autophagy increases up to 300%.

All those damaged cells are being destroyed as your body works hard to replace them with healthier, regenerative cells.

48 – 72 hours:

Autophagy increases an additional 30%. Your immune system begins to reset and regenerate while boosting an increased reduction in inflammation response.

At 72 hours autophagy maxes out. Your immune system reset, and healing; continues to take place.

I have yet to go past a 3-day fast, therefore my research and experience are limited beyond this point.

With the benefits I have experienced so far, I will not return to a standard three-meal-a-day routine.

Fasting isn’t easy. The first couple of times, hunger will seem unbearable. But as with everything, it will get easier as your body becomes healthier.

You will not only eat less but begin to consume healthier and more nutritious foods.


Follow three simple tips to help you before fasting:

– Stay hydrated (some people consume electrolytes while fasting too as they get “the shakes”)

– Eat plenty of protein.

– Consume whole foods.

It’s that simple.

As I continue my fasting journey I will keep you all updated on how my progress goes alongside improving my health.

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God bless you all.


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