EVShare is a zero carbon ridesharing service that generates carbon credits as you ride

EVShare is the first truly zero-carbon ridesharing service that also generates carbon credits as you ride.

EVShare is a consortium of leaders in Blockchain Technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Distributed Energy Resources (DERS), High Energy Density Batteries and Energy Management.

EVShare exists to create the world’s most efficient “plug and play” transportation system, designed to move people, goods and power, all backed by the RSK Blockchain.

Los Angeles, Gibraltar

About the founding team :
Eduardo Munoz, CEO, EVShare Foundation, is a native from Argentina
who lived 10 years in Brazillian rainforest, introducing the Acai fruit to the
world as a successful health food. In the last 4 years developed an impressive career in
ArqBravo Grooup, a sustainable mobility innovation company, leading its success
in the US, integrating technology companies from all around the world to work
over solutions on Sustainable Transportation, Renewable Energy sources
application and communications.

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