Meet Examinater, a Thesis Submission Software That’s Saving Real Money for Universities

No one fits the “entrepreneurship is a lifestyle” line better than Pavan Gayakwad. During his college days, Pavan created Quick Quest, software that generates question papers automatically. After graduation Pawan joined an IT firm. But the demand for his software kept him engaged as a freelancer where he sold the solution to many schools, colleges and even to the Indian Navy.

In late 2011, he quit his daily job to set up SrushtiSoft, a software solution firm. Examinater, is a product by the startup, which is changing the decade old traditional way of communication between colleges, universities and their professors. The .Net based solution has automated the process of thesis submission, tracking and evaluation for post graduate courses like M.Tech.

Generally, postgraduate students submit their thesis on an assigned subject. Upon submission, the hard copies of the printed thesis revolve back and forth between colleges to universities to internal and external examiners through speed posts and other courier services. Same logistic methods are used for communicating marks post evaluation to university and then to colleges. Normally the whole process takes 3-6 months of time.

With Examinater, the process has been cut short to 15 days. No printed copies are required, just a pdf version is needed thus saving students a fairly considerable amount of money. The file is uploaded on the central server using the software’s template, which can then be accessed by the authorized personnel in the university. It then forwards the digital files to concerned examiners. Professors, post the evaluation, submit their marks through an online form which are then conveyed to respect students.

Examinater, a thesis tracking software for M Tech & Ph D
Examinater, a thesis tracking software for M Tech & Ph D

Whole submission-evaluation-result cycle is completely digitised with all communication taking place on emails. For security verification, all involved people use user ids and passwords. This is pretty neat! Imagine the amount of paperwork and related hassles it cuts down.

The product is functional in Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) for its M.Tech courses. Around 3,500 thesis which were evaluated using Examinater last year and the same number this year. Now the solution is being implemented to Ph.D courses as well and the startup is in talks with other universities too.

Gayakwad says that earlier, VTU used to spend approximately Rs. 5 lakh in communication alone through posts. Overall expense on couriers, salaries, printing and other things was close to Rs 15 lakhs. “We cut down the cost to 30-40%,” he said. The company charges the university on a per-thesis basis.

Of course, the product saves huge amount of paper (thus trees), additional cost to students (somewhere around Rs 600 for a hard copy), simplifies the whole process saving enormous amount of time and reduces the cost to universities.

The startup has other products too which eliminates manual work. A solution, ServeEase, helps vehicle showroom owners to manage the inventory, take bookings and orders, database management, saving cost, effort and office consumables.

Pavan and his 4 member team designs solutions which solves real life problems, problems which are small to get noticed but costs time and money when estimated. Isn’t that what entrepreneurship is all about? Making life easy?

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