Examine Your Gifts

You’re here on earth with a full slate of natural gifts that you’ve used all your life, gifts that will continue to serve you as you get to the next step. To find out what you’re going to do next, you need to begin by examining your gifts. You can do this by answering four questions.

Question 1: What Are You Good at Naturally?

Don’t overthink this. These are things you seem born to do or were born with by luck.

Question 2: What Have You Learned to Do Well?

Sometimes we learn to be very good at something that started as a natural knack or talent and then we honed it into something special.

Question 3: What Do People Who Love You Say Your Gifts Are?

Sometimes your gifts are obvious to everyone but yourself. The people who love you and know you the best are keenly aware of your qualities and attributes.

Question 4: What Are You Resisting?

When we resist certain things, it can be a clue where our head is, and that can tell us where we need to go. Sometimes what we resist is a gift we have to offer the world.

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