StartUp #5: Exotel Is A Cloud Based Business Phone system For Your Voice/SMS problems.

Exotel gives a number on which you can build a phone site: receive lots of calls, messages,collect payments, voicemail etc & manage all of it.  

At the heart of Exotel is a simple way to receive more than one phone call on a cellphone number at the same time. We give you a nice looking mobile number and add a few of your cellphone numbers into the system on which all the calls arrive. Around this, we have built all the tools necessary to run your business easily.

Exotel is a unified voice/SMS Pay-on-the-go cloud solution for your business with no wires, capex, instruments or installations. It is a virtual business phone system with features like extensions, voicemail, conference, dialer, SMS keyword responder etc. It is secure, fault tolerant & performant. With Exotel, you can create highly interactive & intelligent voice SMS flows within minutes.

Exotel scales dramatically with no human intervention starting from a single cell phone line to dynamic capacity addition during peak hours. It clicks especially well for businesses that have customer or partner/vendor interactions on the phone regularly, and turns calls/SMSes into metrics and business intelligence.

Finally, Exotel is a site builder for cellphony*. Just like how you can drag/drop & create websites these days with no knowledge of web technologies, Exotel will let you create “Phone-sites” for your business with a few clicks. Many things you use your website for like: lead generation, communication, marketing, sales, business development are now possible on voice & SMS with Exotel.

Exotel is a one number for your business just like your one website.

* Cellphony: There seems to be no way to explain the world of voice & SMS together with one word. Telephony is only about voice.

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