Exotel Launches JustDial App to Help You Call a Lead Quickly

Cloud telephony startup Exotel has launched an app that helps you manage incoming leads from JustDial better. If you have used JustDial to generate leads, you’d know that the time you take to respond to a lead is critical to clinching it. The quicker you call a lead, the better your chances are. The app makes it near instantaneous by automating the call between your sales team and the lead passed on to you from JustDial.

How Exotel – JustDial app works

When you search for something like “Cab Companies” and JustDial decides to pass on the lead details to your cab company, in addition to getting a SMS and email from JustDial, a call is triggered first connecting to the customer and then to your Sales Team. Before they get a call, they will also get a pop-up for the incoming call and the call will have the name as something like “JAMUNAJustDial – Bangalore” implying that a person by name Jamuna searched for something relevant to your company in JustDial with city/area as Bangalore.Exotel Justdial App

Benefits of using Exotel – Justdial app

Exotel says that companies can benefit from this system as  leads, generated by JustDial’s local search services are now automatically processed and appear as contacts in Exotel. Even if you miss the call, an automated SMS is sent to their phones with the lead details so that they can call back.

You can get the app here.

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