Exotel Breaks Silence. They Are Not Shutting Down. Takes A Shot At Knowlarity

There were rumors of shutting down (started on the Secretly app) and while the team didn’t react to it, they have now sent an email to users clarifying the situation. And not just clarifying, the company has taken a shot at its competitor, Knowlarity (which recently raised a massive $16mn funding  round).

Below is the email from Shivku, Exotel founder and CEO.

Exotel's Shutdown Rumor
Exotel’s Shutdown Rumor

Exotel was the topic of quite a few discussions on social media these last few months.

There was talk that our employees were leaving us and that we were shutting shop. My favourite is the one where someone said that I was being investigated for stealing money from Exotel. We didn’t want to dignify these comments with any response. Hiding behind a so-called secret app (the one where you sign up with your phone number, lol!) made everyone’s true character shine and we wanted to leave it at just that.

But, our lack of reaction was mistaken for apathy by our competitors.

Knowlarity, another company in the business of cloud telephony used these rumours to create panic among our customers. A few of our clients received emails from Knowlarity claiming we were closing down.

Taking this a step further, their sales reps even called our clients claiming to be someone from Exotel to try and poach them.

Apparently, we’re not the first competitor they’ve tried these tricks against!

When I wrote to the CEO of Knowlarity about these emails and phone calls to Exotel’s clients, he suggested that these were merely the result of us “competing for the same customer base.”

The reason I’m writing to you today, is to let you know that Exotel is in a wonderful place! We’re growing at a rapid pace. Our revenues and customer base are growing. Our churn rate is at an all-time low. We’ve rolled out some really cool features like an all new dashboard with unparalleled search features, priority SMS, bulk SMS etc.

Exotel Shutting Down? No
Exotel Shutting Down? No

If you have also received any such calls or emails, please do not believe them and let your account manager know about it.

Exotel founder, Shivku has also shared the below screenshot (of Knowlarity trying to poach Exotel customers) and this call script.

Knowlarity Sales Email to Exotel Customers
Knowlarity Sales Email to Exotel Customers (click for high res)

All is fair in love and war?

PS : Here is Knowlarity’s Response On This Issue.

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