Exponential growth: The design

Blitzscaling’s first core technique involved designing a business model that is capable of exponential growth. The growth factors that should be utilized are:

1. Market size – You must appeal to a large market and have a plan for scaling up to this market. For example, Jeff Bezos saw bookselling, with Amazon book, as merely the start of Amazon

2. Distribution – You want your business to turn viral, in that your users bring in more users for you. Importantly, virality normally starts with a service that is free and then requires you to pay to upgrade. An example of this would be Dropbox.

3. High gross margins – This equates to sales minus the cost of goods. You want to maximize this with the optimum for Blitzscaling seemingly being a gross margin of roughly 60%.

4. Network effects – This is the most important factor for your business’ long-term vision. Network effects are fundamental to developing the positive feedback loop spoken about earlier in which superlative growth and value creation are produced. 

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