Facebook Ads v/s Google AdWords : When to use which network

Facebook and Google are the two big giants of internet marketing, both have different advertising models. Many advertisers are still mystified whether they should use Google AdWords or Facebook Ads. The intense rivalry between Facebook and Google got juicier. Both the platforms were in direct competition with one another, and thus it was a difficult decision about which platform you should choose. With Facebook Ads, you can have low cost and high conversion campaigns. You have the same scope with Google Adwords too.

If you are handling a business with an approach to a consumer market, Facebook Ads are cost effective solution for you. Having a similar benefit to Google AdWords, Facebook Advertising also has a few other benefits which troll Google, the most important being a lower average CPC.
Google AdWords is the world’s largest Pay-Per-Click platform. Google AdWords PPC is the synonym of ‘Paid Search’ while Facebook is known for its Social Paid Ads. Facebook has the highest number of monthly active users, comparing to other social networks in the world. But Google is the leader in online advertising as it has more than 3.5 billion search queries every single day in the world.
There are pros and cons for each channel. Find below the breakdown of both platforms and explore the side by side comparison of each.
Google AdWords ?

  • To ease your campaigns to track, Google provides a measuring tool for you.
  • Google has the largest potential audience.
  • You can control your budget and customize your Cost-Per-Click.
  • You can instantly track your return on investment & know what keywords are working for you.
  • You can target based upon the region and pin-codes.
  • Google provides a different advertising option which includes Remarketing, Display Network, and Search Network.


  • If you run your campaign in an incorrect way, it can affect your budget and thus leads to higher cost per conversion.
  • It takes a lot of time to manage and set-up your campaign.
  • It has limited Text characters in your ad space.
  • The cost-per-click campaign can be varied depending on your industry.
  • Due to the large potential reach, your campaign can turn out be irrelevant.

Facebook Advertising ?

  • In Facebook, it is very easy to track all your campaigns.
  • It is easier to set-up your campaigns as compared to Google AdWords.
  • Facebook has more targeting options as compared to Google AdWords which includes city, regions, age, likes, interest, income bracket and you can also target the specific audience by covering the radius of minimum 1 km.
  • You can also use images and videos to identify the interest of your target audiences.
  • Cost-Per-Click is relatively cheap which generally depends on upon your industry.


  • If the campaign is set-up in an incorrect way, it can surely affect your budget.
  • There is no option to target your audience on certain days of the week unless you choose a lifetime budget.
  • It is helpful for only B2C markets.

Conclusion ?
Both Google AdWords and Facebook Ads are incredibly powerful advertising platforms. The main difference between Google AdWords and Facebook Ads is that Google AdWords are best for immediate sales while Facebook Ads are best for building your Brand Awareness. Hence, it is very necessary to understand how to use each platform for maximum Return on investment and greater business growth.
Instead of relying on specific Google AdWords OR Facebook Ads, consider the other channels which would work best for you. Keep trying .
Tips for creating a good campaign ?

  • Try to keep your content to be short.
  • Always include an offer or pricing.
  • Don’t forget to include keywords.
  • Try using cool taglines to drive traffic.

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