Can I use Steve Jobs picture to sell iPad? Not sure,you can surely use Katrina Kaif’s pics to promote your matrimony portal.

Advertising on Facebook has reached unethical point (read: Is this girl Cute? -The New Low for Desparate Traffic) that Facebook will either start hiring an army of lawyers or better, get their ad support fixed.

Came across this ad, which shows Steve Jobs holding iPad for an auction site.

Facebook Advertising Policy

There is not a single mention of not using celebrity pictures in your ads. Guidelines state

The image should be relevant and appropriate to the item being advertised. Images, may not be provocative, risqué, or include nudity.

That’s it? What about using celebrity pictures? Don’t you need permission from them before you start using their pictures to sell?

I guess Facebook is still not able to let go of Beacon. Or maybe, they just want to mint money till somebody files a lawsuit.

What’er floats Facebook’s boat?

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