Facebook Turns On Deep Linking For App Install Ads

Facebook is now offering deep linking capabilities on its app install ads, allowing marketers to show users only the information they care about upon opening the app for the first time.
In simpler terms, it means that when a person taps on app install ad on Facebook, developers can choose to send users to a specific place in their app, rather than just the home page.
The move can serve as a big boost for direct marketing on mobile, where merchants selling products/services first have to convince users to download their app.
Devs can easily turn on the deep linking feature for app install ads on Facebook by either using App Links or defining the location they want the ad to link to in a new field in the ad creation tool.
The social network already uses deep linking on its app re-engagement ads, making the process of deep linking app install ads pretty straightforward for devs already using the former service.

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