CreateUrApp Lets You Create Your Very Own Facebook Apps


CreateUrApp Lets You Create Your Very Own Facebook Apps

Want to create a Facebook app, but don’t know programming and are not a developer? Then try CreateUrApp, a platform that automatically creates your app for you, no prior knowledge required.

Any Facebook app can be created in two minutes claims the portal.

How Does it Work?


Users can convert their ideas into apps by simply following the tutorials given for each category of apps. Users need not know programming or worry about hosting for this.

There are three kinds of apps that CreateUrApp lets you create,

  • Basic Apps

  • Vote/Poll Apps

  • Advanced Apps

Basic Apps have pre-designed background images and application logics with which it is created. All aspiring app developers need to do is add the image and select from the logic to create the app. Examples of the basic apps offered by CreateUrApp are Who tags you the most, Who likes your pictures the most? Which friends have upcoming birthdays etc.

For those who want to take a quick poll on who should be the next PM, is the best engineering college or create any poll of the sort, CreateUrApp has a pre-designed voting app. Each app will have a minimum of 2 options and a maximum of 8. The apps all have pre-designed images in them.

Advances apps for all other kinds of apps that don’t fit with the logic of the prior two.

“Think of anything and 90% chances are this section will implement your idea. Background images as well as logic will be defined by developers,” says Uday Ogra, founder at CreateUrApp. “If the users age is greater than 20, and he is male – for an app that tells you whom you should date – the output can be Katrina Kaif,” he adds.

In addition to this, CreateUrApp also lets users create ‘custom apps’ for which Uday starts work from scratch. This is the only kind of app for which he charges a fee. The three others are free of cost. Custom apps range from anywhere between $500 to $1,200 he says.

“Once you create an app you can even run ads on it. Advertisers will pay for the ad impressions, ” says Uday.

To run an ad on the app, users need to registers with advertising companies, get ad codes and run ads in the apps.

It’s easy to use and can be implemented within a few minutes, which is great. But most of the types of apps that can be created or have been are not the most productive ones. Apps made so far include, Who is the best Khan, Who has a secret crush on you etc. Over 2400  such apps have been created so far.

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