Facebook Brings Auto-Play Video Ads To Third-Party Apps In Its Ad Network

Facebook has announced that it is opening up native auto-play video ads to developers that use its Audience Network to monetize their apps.

Autoplay video ads have been Facebook’s best performing ad units but they were restricted to new feeds on Facebook’s apps and websites.

The company says it has seen a 5X jump in publisher adoption of native ads over the past 6 months and that native ads make up 80% of the impressions on Audience Network.

Apart from autoplay video ads, Facebook has also introduced Dynamic Product Ads which retargets users with products they considered buying elsewhere on the web.

There’s also the Carousel Ad which is a multi-image format that can give users a better look at a product or help tell a story.

Developers can always opt for the more traditional click-to-play video ads if they feel autoplay ads could bug their users a little too much.

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