Tech WWWorld : Facebook+Bing Partnership, Search Statistics

Search is more social now with Facebook and Bing announcing partnership.

People ask their friends for information to help make decisions all the time. How was the food in that new restaurant, should I go see that movie in the theatre or wait till DVD, or what do you think of that hot new phone? Today Bing launches a new feature called Liked Results, which uses Facebook “like” information to help you discover new information and get more personalized results in Bing. – Bing blog

Yahoo’s view on Search Statistics

Yahoo’s Shashi Seth makes a valid point regarding newer ways to measure search statistics

With products like Google Instant in the market, it’s more important than ever to understand how third-parties measure search queries and be judicious in how we use their numbers.  We all know that if statistics and metrics are not used correctly, they can tell a story that is misleading.

One example to consider is Google Instant. This user experience does not fit the mold for traditional search measurement – when a user starts typing, and pauses for a few seconds without finishing their thought, should that be counted as a search? For example, I want to find Sprinkles Cupcakes. When I start typing “S-P,” Google Instant offers up “Sprint,” unrelated to what I was looking for. However, this would count as a search in comScore’s measurements.

AOL, Firms Explore an Offer for Yahoo

WSJ reports that AOL (and PE firms) are planning to make an offer to buy Yahoo.

“Silver Lake Partners and Blackstone Group LP are among the firms that have expressed interest in teaming up with AOL to buy Yahoo or trying to take it private on their own,” – source


Watch the video of this ‘new toy’

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