Broken Hearted and on Facebook? Well, here is how FB is playing its card

If you are broken hearted, chances are that you are spending a lot of time on Facebook.
Facebook stream is providing you a lot of stuff – things that matter to the emotional you (revenge/love etc quotes, videos and articles).

People on Facebook : before and after breakup.
People on Facebook : before and after breakup.

Here is how Facebook plays its card (and wants FB marketers to play their card) when the company knows that you are broken hearted.

Our findings suggest there could be a gap between the break up itself and the Facebook post announcing it. During the two weeks before and the two weeks after their break-up announcement, men and women accepted more than one invitation to an event 40% more than the 60 days before and 60 days after their announcement. Interestingly, women we spoke to were 2x more likely than men to say that participating in more social activities helped them move on after their break up.

We also saw that people increase the number of times they go on Facebook before and after their “Single” status update.

Facebook data shows that men tend to start posting about emotional recovery earlier than women after a break up. “Healing,” “detox,” “drowning sorrows,” “binge watching” and “suffering” are just some of the words and phrases that are more pronounced in men’s posts before they mark themselves “Single.” The same types of words and phrases are more pronounced in women’s posts on the actual day of their announcement. Women continue posting these types of phrases during the two weeks after their announcement.

So what’s with you as a marketer?

Retail therapy, Travel therapy – when it comes to recovering from a break up, retail therapy is being replaced by travel therapy!
Facebook suggests marketers to focus on marketing inside the app, as broken hearted are glued to their phones more than every (source).
Happy valentine’s day!

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