Facebook Partners With Shopify To Test Its “Buy” Button With More Sellers

Facebook has been experimenting with “Buy” buttons on ads for some time now, but tests were mostly restricted to a few select merchants. Now however, the company has announced that more retailers will have access to selling on Facebook via Shopify’s e-commerce platform.

Facebook Buy

The move can help boost conversion rates for sellers, make the process of buying something much easier for consumers and help Facebook keep users within the confines of its platform for as long as possible.

Facebook’s announcement comes just days after Pinterest introduced Buyable Pins, also powered off Shopify’s e-commerce platform.

The Buy button will show up in Facebook page posts as well as posts promoted by the seller, meaning they will have the option of organic as well as paid promotions. Further, users will not be directed to a merchant site upon hitting the buy button, and will complete the transaction on Facebook itself.

Facebook Buy 1

Currently, Facebook is still testing the feature in the hope to find which products sell best as well as any faults in the purchase process so far.

Merchants will have to add the Facebook sales channel to their Shopify accounts in order to share products with the Buy button, promoting those posts with paid advertising and managing all the customers and orders that come from Facebook.

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