Report: The More You Use Facebook, the Worse You Feel

Facebook : the social network that was supposed to make you social actually makes you more anti-social and importantly, impacts your mental health negatively.
This has been a finding by researchers from Yale university.

Likes Means A Lot?

Overall, the use of Facebook was negatively associated with well-being. The research which included participants’ real-world social network and Facebook behavior found consistently that both liking others’ content and clicking links significantly predicted a subsequent reduction in self-reported physical health, mental health, and life satisfaction.
..most measures of Facebook use in one year predicted a decrease in mental health in a later year.

For example, a 1-standard-deviation increase in “likes clicked” (clicking “like” on someone else’s content), “links clicked” (clicking a link to another site or article), or “status updates” (updating one’s own Facebook status) was associated with a decrease of 5%-8% of a standard deviation in self-reported mental health.

While social media, especially Facebook gives one a sense of “meaningful” social interaction, it doesn’t really stand a chance against real world networking.
This is pretty much the state of networking in the FBed world.

Link to the research (via).

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