Facebook Ditches Plan To Shut Off Device-Level Data After Spooking Advertisers

Facebook has announced that it will not implement its planned cut-off on device-level data collection for mobile app advertising campaigns after a revolt by devs and advertisers.


Earlier, the company had told advertisers, developers and mobile measurement partners that it would no longer share data about how their mobile app ads were performing on specific devices.

Facebook’s initial plan was to limit data to ad and campaign level and the policy change was to be implemented by August 20 but delayed until November in view of strong opposition from game makers.

Device-specific information about how ads are performing isn’t valuable to developers according to Facebook, who wants advertisers to apply people-based measurement solutions rather than device specific ones.

However, looking at the number of advertisers and developers spooked by the change, the company said it will continue giving option to receive device-level reporting from our mobile measurement partners for mobile app ads.

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