Counting Isn’t Over But Facebook Has Reasons to Celebrate

Okay, so the chest thumping has begun. It’s not the political parties. They’d have to wait till the results are announced. It’s Facebook. The company just disclosed some impressive stats on the 2014 elections.

Facebook said

From the day elections were announced to the day polling ended, 29 million people in India made 227 million interactions (posts, comments, shares, and likes) regarding the Indian Elections on Facebook.

That’s two-thirds of all daily active Facebook users in India and an average of 10 interactions per person. 13 million people made 75 million interactions regarding Narendra Modi.

Facebook Election Tracker

The Facebook megaphone, which announced that its elections and encouraged people to vote, was seen by over 31 million people, Facebook said. Political parties have been spending quite a bit of money on social media this elections. Twitter, Facebook & Google have cornered most of that.

  • Narendra Modi became the second most-liked politician on Facebook behind only President Obama.
  • Arvind Kejriwal also joined the ranks of the top five liked politicians globally.

Impressive, Facebook. Your turn Twitter.

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