Facebook India Launches Election Tracker [Power Play]

Facebook has introduced a new feature in the run up to the elections. Along with Facebook Talks Live, the company has launched an India Election Tracker. The election tracker will help track Facebook mentions of leading candidates and parties through the election.

Visitors to the India Election Tracker can watch the livestream of the candidates, poll on issues ranging from jobs, healthcare and corruption as well as view a graph of the trending parties.

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The graph is very interesting analytics and shows parties’ performance for upto the last 7 days. All candidates and parties are ranked on the number of Facebook mentions. Currently, BJP, Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi are top trending.

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Google too had made a lot of noise when it came to the general election in India. The Election Commission had partnered with it to help in voter registration and facilitation. This was soon severed due concerns on national security from regional parties in the country. Google had also launched a bilingual election page in November 2013.

Facebook had taken a leaf out of Google’s playbook with the Facebook Talks Live feature. It has been ramping up the role in engaging users with regards to the elections for some time now. The controversial new feature was slated to start on March 3, 2013 with Narendra Modi as the first guest. However, he quit the series for reasons which have not been specifically stated.

It had also allowed users to add ‘registered to vote’ as a life event.

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