What is Facebook Email? IM + Messaging + SMS + Email

Facebook has unveiled its new messaging service which was earlier touted as gmail killer, but in reality it is not so much of an email service.

Here is what it is.

  • The new Facebook Email is not an Email Killer. It’s a messaging service.
  • The Facebook messaging is essentially email + IM + SMS + Facebook Messages, i.e. enable conversation between Facebook friends (as opposed to pure messaging). In essence, email is delivered as IM (if you are online).
  • Supports XMPP.
  • All of your conversation will reside in ‘Social Inbox’.
  • The crux is that Facebook’s messaging system is real time view of conversation and enables seamless messaging across communication channels.
The new Messages interface not only displays the Facebook messages you exchange with friends, but it also interweaves your chats, texts and emails (should you choose to create an @facebook.com address). It’s a central place to control all of your private communication, both on and off Facebook.
Now when you view a conversation, you’re actually looking at a complete history of all the communication you’ve shared with that person on Facebook — it’s like having an ongoing record of your friendship.

Facebook Messages Features

Get Facebook messages, chats and texts all in the same place.
  • Include email by activating your optional Facebook email address.
  • Control who can send you messages through your privacy settings
See everything you’ve ever discussed with each friend as a single conversation.
  • No need for subject lines or other formalities
  • Easily leave large conversations that no longer interest you
Focus on messages from your friends.
  • Messages from unknown senders and bulk email go into the Other folder
  • Spam is hidden from view automatically

In the long run, Facebook email/messaging service can impact the way we communicate/converse (across different medium), though the product seems to be as interesting (and confusing) as Google Wave.

Expect the new generation to use more of such social services as compared to pure email (which is way too formal, as Mark Zuckerberg aptly mentioned).

Currently, the product is invite only and will be rolled out over the next few months [you can request an invite here].

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