The Biggest Announcements Facebook Made At Its F8 Developer Conference

Facebook kicked off its F8 developer conference yesterday, with a focus on how the company will serve the developer community rather than using it as a platform to launch new products.

Here’s a compilation of the major new features, products and updates Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of the company, announced at the event:
Messenger As A Platform- Facebook is opening up its Messenger app to third-party integrations. Just last week the company began testing a feature that allowed people send money to friends via Messenger, and is now talking about opening up the platform to Giphy, voice changers, and even a drawing pad.
Messenger For Businesses – The company is also opening up Messenger to businesses such as online retailers, giving them a direct line of communicating with customers. Apart from this, users will also have the option to receive shipping notifications and receipts on the chat app.
Embedded Videos and Comments – Facebook wants to take on YouTube, and will allow users to embed Facebook Videos on other websites. Further, it will become to bring conversations that take place on news websites that use Facebook Comments back to the social network.
Spherical Videos – The Facebook News Feed and Oculus will begin supporting spherical videos that are shot using multiple cameras, offering a more immersive viewing experience for users.
Facebook Analytics – The free tool will help developers understand how their apps are used across devices, providing a base to see how effective their marketing campaigns are.
Live Rail – The ad exchange service will now support mobile display ads as well as video, and will also be able to tap into Facebook data to determine which ads to show.
Internet of Things – Facebook is using Parse, the developer platform it acquired back in 2013, to help developers build apps for connected devices. Parse, will handle the backend – app analytics, push notifications, and collecting crash data – so developers can focus only on building apps.
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