Meet Hello : Facebook’s Caller ID And Blocking Service

Facebook has announced that is has begun testing Hello, an all-new caller ID and blocking service, that pulls data from Facebook to to show users who’s calling.
Facebook Hello
The app has been developed by the Messenger team, and throws up info about who’s calling you even if you don’t have that number saved on your phone, but only shows information that has been shared by the caller.
The other big feature of Hello is being able to search for businesses that are listed on Facebook, allowing users to see their working hours, get directions and even contact them.
Call blocking is another feature Hello will offer users, giving them the ability to block specific numbers, or turn on automatic call blocks for commonly blocked numbers.
Keeping a user’s privacy in mind, Facebook says it will only show information a user  has shared, meaning if you’re calling someone who isn’t on your friend list, only the information you’ve made public will be visible to them.
With the launch of Hello, Facebook is squarely taking on TrueCaller, which is one of the most popular caller ID and call blocking apps out there. The company has the inherent advantage of already having 1.3 billion users on its social network, meaning it’s already got quite a large information base.
The company has been telling us about launching services that put to use the vast troves of user information it has, and Hello is a perfect example of that. In terms of monetization, the inclusion of business discovery could drive revenues as Facebook demands a cut of from sales.
You can take Hello for a spin on your Android smartphone by downloading the app from the Play Store.

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