Facebook in Indian Languages – Does it Matter?


Facebook in Indian Languages – Does it Matter?

Facebook is still lagging behind Orkut and doesn’t seem to close on the gap in near future.

Facebook / Orkut / MySpace - India Traffic

In order to gain some more traction from Indian netizens, Facebook has launched the local language version (translated) in Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali, Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam.

Apart from the fact that translation is badly done, what Facebook doesn’t realizes is that in India, Facebook is still for suave users and these are English-speaking only (and tier-2 users aspire to be suave –so they will not move to regional language).

What Facebook should instead have done was to provide transliteration service (Orkut does that nicely) – for people to converse in the language they are comfortable with.

Is Facebook trying to do too many trivial things? I believe it’s going through new feature = innovation syndrome (all that redesign story etc).

What’s your opinion?

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