Facebook Launches Indian Political Interest Lists Ahead of Assembly Elections

After letting users to add ‘Register to Vote’ as a life event, Facebook has introduced another feature in the run up to the elections.


Users can now follow what elected representatives of States are saying via the ‘Interest Lists’ feature that Facebook has introduced. The Facebook Indian Political Interest lists include that of Indian Political Parties and Indian Political leaders on Facebook.

On following a list, users will get updates of the best posts made on the page. The lists contain a curated list of political parties/politicians in India and updates from their pages. There are over a 114 million people using Facebook in India who can tap into this new feature.

While this is Facebook’s second move to be relevant in the upcoming General Elections, rival Google too had thrown its hat into the ring. The search giant had recently partnered with the Election Commission to manage voter registration and facilitation services. But the partnership was severed on security concerns. It had also launched a bi-lingual page for news and information relating to the elections. Google+ has an estimated 30 million users in India.

Twitter too made sure its presence was felt in the space. Apart from being central to politicians and political parties who wished to chat directly with the youth, Twitter India also appointed a dedicated person to deal with election related news.

Recently, Raheel Khursheed was appointed Twitter India’s Head of News, Politics and Government. There are an estimated 20 million people using Twitter in India.

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