Facebook Launches Instant Articles In India

Facebook has rolled out Instant Articles in India along with India Today, Quint, HT, The Indian Express and Aaajtak. The company plans to bring in more publishers in the future, with an aim to build a ‘new publishing ecosystem’.

‘Instant Articles’ is a product that was previously launched in the US and Europe countries, it is designed for markets with less or limited internet connectivity. This will allow readers with 2G connectivity (or low connectivity) to seamlessly browse articles using Facebook.


The product will also offer a collection of story-telling tools that publishers can use to make articles more engaging and rich. Selected publishers’ posts will appear on news feeds with Hi-Res pictures along with interactive features such as auto-play videos, maps, and listenable audio captions.

“The idea is to enhance people’s experience on Facebook to read articles and to solve problem of people consuming content on Facebook due to limited or slow connectivity in emerging markets which present great opportunity,” said Andy Mitchel, Director, News and Global Media Partnerships, Facebook.

According to Mitchel, Facebook will also monitor and test the product after readers start engaging into the platform, and will further tie-up with “high-quality” publishers in the future.