Facebook Wants You To Like Internet.Org; Either Now, Or Later


Facebook users in India have been seeing a pop-up message asking them to support free access to basic Internet services in the country through the company’s Internet.org service.

Facebook Internet Org Message

When we say ‘ask’ we mean ‘force’ since the message doesn’t seem to have the option of answering “no” with Yes, I’m in” and “Not Now” being the only two options.

Facebook’s heavy handed tactics to gather support for Internet.org comes at a time when the Indian Telecom Ministry’s panel on net neutrality proposed against having services such as Internet.org.

Internet.org received negative publicity for being anti net neutrality by selectively signing up with publishers and services. Effectively, Facebook was controlling what a user has ‘free access’ to.

The revolt forced Facebook to open up its Internet.org platform to all developers and the service has even begun partnering with multiple service providers in order to reach more people.

Still, the point is that Facebook is trying to raise support for Internet.org in order to make a case for letting it run the service the way it pleases in India. Unfortunately, all users can do is agree with Facebook either now, or do it later.