Did Facebook Kill MillatFacebook, the Pakistani Clone?

When Facebook was banned in Pakistan, a group of techies joined hands to create a social network for Muslims and thus came the idea of MillatFacebook.

We earlier mentioned the legal hurdle of using the name ‘Facebook’ in the domain and it seems Facebook did kill the site.

As per MillatFacebook, within 15 days of starting the site, the had 333,000 members and their Alexa rank pretty much states the traffic the site received.

MillatFacebook TrafficIn the current state, the site is dead now and blames Facebook for its state and this is what they have to say:

  • Constant DDOS Attacks on Millat including from Israeli and CIA owned IPs
  • Subversion Attacks on Millat
  • Personal Threats to the Millat Administration
  • Partnership with Yahoo resulting in YAHOO refusing to deliver any emails containing MILLATFACEBOOK.COM
  • Yahoo Mail is BLOCKING MFB emails ………………….. Yahoo is blocking our emails stating that “your website contain offensive content”

While nobody knows the truth (except MillatFacebook and Facebook), I will repeat the words I mentioned earlier

As far as the site is concerned, it is a ‘cheap’ clone and frankly, one can never beat Facebook by creating another Facebook. I am not sure whether such initiatives go beyond a short time frame and can ever stand the test of time.

Nobody stops them from building a social network for Muslims and not all social networks need to be a derivative of Facebook.

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