Facebook In Talks With Developers To Build Games For Messenger

Facebook is apparently in talks with developers to build games, which are considered stickier and return higher revenues, that work within Messenger that will be available via its app store.
The move is in line with the company’s plans to turn Messenger into a platform, but  it seems that the plan to include games directly inside Messenger is still at a relatively early age.
So far third-party partners have built apps that largely allow users to add GIFs, stickers or drawings into chats, however, the inclusion of games could spark off a whole new revolution.
Traction for the initial round of apps hasn’t exactly been great, which is why Facebook is looking to push its agenda for Messenger gaming.
However, the company hasn’t yet decided if users will be allowed to game from within Messenger or simply use it as a way to link users to one another.

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