Facebook Intros An All-New Way To Share Your Location With Friends Via Messenger

Facebook has introduced a new way for users to share their location with friends on Messenger and in the process has got rid of the creepy always-on (by default) location sharing feature.

Facebook Messenger Location Sharing Hero

The new feature allows users to send a map of their location or another place as a separate message, rather than sharing the location information as part of a message itself.

In order to use the new location feature, all users have to do is hit the pin at the bottom of the screen and select ‘Location’.

Users will have control over the exact location they share too, say for instance sharing the location of a restaurant you want to meet a friend at, but aren’t there yet.

Facebook Messenger Location Sharing

Users can type the name of the restaurant into the search bar and select the exact location they want to share. Sharing your own location is possible too, so it’s not all that different.

Facebook says sharing location is completely optional on Messenger now, and with the new controls is quite easy too. Further, for the privacy minded, the company says the app will not receive location data unless you choose to allow the app to.

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