Facebook Introduces Video Calling On Messenger [Not In India Yet]

In yet another move to bring its Messenger app up to speed with rival offerings such as Skype and Hangouts, Facebook has finally introduced a video calling feature.
Users will be able to start a video call with a single tap from within an existing Messenger conversation, on any iOS or Android smartphone.
The feature is not yet available for the Messenger web app which Facebook recently introduced.
Facebook says the move to introduce video-calling is in line with enabling new ways for the 600 odd million monthly users of Messenger to communicate.
Video calling is the latest in the line of features Facebook has treated its IM app to, which recently received the functionality to transfer funds.
The new feature will initially be rolled out across 18 countries, however India doesn’t make the first cut. Facebook says Video Calling on Messenger will be rolled out across other regions in the coming months.

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