Facebook Now Tracks The Time Taken To Read Posts

Facebook has been drawing flak for filling up its users’ timelines with ads and other promoted junk causing the company to rethink how it decides what posts to show a user.


The company has now announced that it will improve news suggestions based not only on a person liking or commenting on an article, but also based on the amount of time spent reading it.

There’s a simple explanation to the change – people might want to read about serious current issues, but not necessarily like or comment on that post.

However, when it comes to timing users, there’s a huge problem – slow network connections. In order to get over this, the system will compare how long a user looks at a particular piece to their general browsing habits.

Facebook says it can better identify which posts are actually important to a user, and the change means the social network doesn’t need you to like something in order to know you like it.

The new feature will roll out across Facebook over the next few weeks, meaning the impact of the change should be visible soon.

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