Nokia’s Here Maps Now Powers Location Data On Facebook’s Mobile Apps

The partnership between the two companies comes ahead of the speculated sale of Here. Neither company announced the tie-up officially, but did confirm that Facebook had indeed begun using Nokia’s services. Apart from powering maps on the mobile version of Facebook, Here maps also provides location data on native Android apps Instagram and Messenger.

There has been a lot of talk surrounding the sale of Nokia’s Here Mapping division, with one of the potential buyers being social network giant Facebook.
Here Maps Logo
Now, Facebook has begun using Here maps for its mobile web version and is testing Here to power location tagging features in apps like Instagram and Messenger.
Nokia did confirm it is evaluating the sale of its Here Mapping division, and while the company didn’t confirm the potential buyers it was looking at, Apple, Samsung, Uber, Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent and Yahoo.
While neither company has announced the partnership, the did confirm to TechCrunch the basic details.
“We are testing Nokia HERE maps across Facebook to give us more control and flexibility in delivering a consistent maps experience,” said a Facebook spokesperson.
Further, the Facebook spokesperson confirmed that the company was testing Here maps for for Android versions of standalone apps like Messenger and Instagram.

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