Facebook Hyderabad Office – India’s BPO Story Wins over Technology

Much ado about nothing – Facebook is starting a support office in Hyd.and I do not understand why Indian blogosphere has taken that as a big news.

The support office will be the same as what Google Adwords team does in India –  i.e. backend support [advertisers/sales] to US HQ.

While this may sound BIG News to a lot, this is just another BPO story [as good as saying BT starting support center in India, its just that BT isn’t as cool brand as Facebook].

Its sad that India’s BPO story still wins over the technology story [I’d anyday prefer Zynga outsourcing engineering to India than Facebook outsourcing support] and to top it all, people are actually taking this as a great piece of news.

For Facebook, its just another way to grab cheap labor in the times when economy is improving and they need to start at ‘cheaper’ locations.

Maybe Facebook will start its engineering office later – so if you are a startup, gear up for more hiring blues (Startup Hiring in the Face of Receding Recession). But till then, enjoy the BPO goodies [and support from Facebook India].

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