Tech WWWorld–Facebook Launches One Time Passwords, Ning Everywhere Brings Apps

Facebook has launched one time passwords adding more safety to your Facebook account.

First, we’re launching one-time passwords to make it safer to use public computers in places like hotels, cafes or airports. If you have any concerns about security of the computer you’re using while accessing Facebook, we can text you a one-time password to use instead of your regular password. 

Simply text "otp" to 32665 on your mobile phone, and you’ll immediately receive a password that can be used only once and expires in 20 minutes. In order to access this feature, you’ll need a mobile phone number in your account. We’re rolling this out gradually, and it should be available to everyone in the coming weeks. – source

Smart, eh?

Google TV Launches this weekend

Google TV finally goes live this Saturday (October 16th) on Sony TV.

“The Sony Internet TV provides richer internet access so you can browse the web just like you would from a computer. Seamlessly navigate between websites and TV channels or enjoy both at the same time. On the same screen.” [more details]

Sony/Google TV price ranges from $599 (24 inch LCD) to $1,399 (46 inch LCD). All of the Sony devices use Google’s Android operating system. You will be able to download Android apps — currently designed for Google phones and tablets — onto them starting early next year.

Android Fragmentation

Android fragmentation is a well known phenomena and Tweetdeck’s recent blog shares a great amount of data on the same.

We were really shocked to see the number of custom roms, crazy phones and general level of customization/hackalicious nature of Android.


Xobni Launches Outlook Gadgets

Xobni has launched gadgets for Outlook.

The new Xobni gadgets appear in a pane at the bottom of an email and are viewable without needing to leave the inbox. Basically, they work the same as Gmail’s own contextual gadgets do – like the Gmail YouTube gadget which displays a YouTube video embed in any Gmail messaging containing a YouTube link. (Flickr and Yelp Gmail gadgets are already also available within Gmail Labs, a testing ground for new features which can be optionally enabled from Gmail’s settings. (Via)

Ning Everywhere

TC reports the launch of Ning Everywhere, that is a mix of partnerships (for mobile app platforms) and extensions.

Seesmic’s integration allows users to follow a Ning network activity from Seesmic’s desktop application as well as post status updates to networks. Email marketing software Constant Contact allows network creators to integrate member contact information into the service and also enabled delivery of email newsletters. Design suite application Aviary gives network creators graphic design and audio and effects editing tools. And Skimliks will give users the ability to run affiliate marketing campaigns, giving creators the ability to automatically convert normal links into affiliate links.

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