R.I.P Orkut : Inch by Inch, Minute by Minute, Facebook is Beating Orkut in India

It is no news that Facebook is beating Orkut in India. You and I know it – we stopped visiting Orkut long time back.

But when data speaks the truth, you have got to take note of the trends.

As per Comscore’s latest data, Orkut is still ruling, but its just a matter of time when Facebook takes over the rein.

Take a look yourself

Facebook_Orkut_Site_TrafficFor any social network site, time spent by users count. If people aren’t spending time in a social network and aren’t conversing, be assured that you aren’t going anywhere.

Take a look at the total time spent in the system – Facebook crossed Orkut a while back.


Search Trends

Google Trends though it is not the measurement for absolute traffic, it does give you an idea of the future and is harbinger of the new new social ground for Indians.

And again, Orkut seems to be the loser


Important to note that Facebook consumption happens out of the site as well – so this data is not the best representation of traffic numbers.

As far as the future is concerned, mobile is the way to go and Facebook has already done a good job of partnering with Indian telecom operators

For Orkut, writing is on the wall. Graveyward is ready. Google just needs to perform the final rites. And unless something magical happens, we all will have fond remembrance of Orkut.

R.I.P Orkut. Tough to say, but we will try to miss you.

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