Facebook Now Lets Pages Communicate With Customers Over Private Messages

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Facebook Now Lets Pages Communicate With Customers Over Private Messages

Facebook has launched a new feature – Pages Messaging – to allow businesses to communicate directly with customers through private messages. The feature is one of the bigger steps in the direction of monetizing Messenger by facilitating consumer-business interactions.

The new feature will allow business to receive and address customer complaints in private rather than responding to them directly on their Pages. Further, businesses will be allowed to add a ‘Send Message’ button in their ads meaning users won’t even have to visit their Pages.


Facebook says it’s becoming commonplace for consumers to interact with brands via private message, the same way they’ve interacted with friends and family for so long. Pages Messaging will open up a direct line of communication between brands and customers.

Getting customers to interact with brands is also how Mark Zuckerberg plans to monetize messaging apps such as Messenger and WhatsApp. However, Facebook doesn’t seem to want to rush this transition to monetization and has slowly been building out business-focused features for Messenger.


Coming back to Page Messaging, Facebook is giving businesses another and probably the most useful feature of all – being able to reply to comments posted on their wall via direct message. The move could save businesses the embarrassment of noting customer complaints in full public view.

Further, the company will also help users identify pages that respond to messages promptly by giving businesses who respond to 90% of messages and have a median response time of 5 minutes a “Very responsive to messages” badge on their profiles.


In order to help businesses respond more quickly and easily to customers, Facebook will allow Page admins to create and save answers to common questions. Page admins will also be able to perform actions such as ‘archive, delete, flag and mark messages as read, unread and spam’ in bulk.

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  1. Now really facebook wins its users heart by introducing new features… great feature.

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