Facebook Partners With VivaConnect To Scale Up Missed Call Ads.

Missed call feature is Facebook’s entry into the Indian mobile platform with a view to help advertisers gain more traction in developing markets.

Facebook has partnered with voice and missed call company VivaConnect to scale up its missed call ad unit business.
VivaConnect is a mobile media company that ideates, develops and delivers mobile initiatives and experiences for Brands, Television Networks and Enterprises to create an added business impact. The firm claims to manage a daily traffic of over 50 million outbound calls.
fb viva connectFacebook’s missed call ad was initiated to target the non-smartphone users in India.  India has a 1.2-billion strong population, with only around 117 million smartphone users. About 66% people are carrying feature phones that lack touch screen capability, and hence they can’t interact much with the content on screen.
With the missed call ad feature, users can click on the ad and receive a call back with information that the user seeks for no charge at all. The information usually includes content like sports scores, news, or celebrity messages that people find valuable enough to take the time to listen to and interact with.
Facebook’s ad targeting system optimizes the content displayed on the user’s screen using their social data available on Facebook pages. Missed call ads and mobile access will allow for effective re-targeting of consumers.

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