Facebook’s New Photo Uploader Brings Snapchat Like Functionality

Facebook has begun testing a new photo uploader on iOS that lets you overlay text, preview filters and paste stickers. The functionality is similar to what Snapchat offers and is being seen as a ploy to take on the ephemeral messaging service.
Facebook Photo Uploader

Since Facebook’s attempts to acquire Snapchat failed, the company has tried but failed to mimic the service with apps such as Poke and Slingshot. Now the company is integrating the features into its BigBlue app to bridge the gaps in functionality.

Users will be able to preview filters that swipe across photos which makes it easy to compare adjacent filters. The magic wand at the bottom opens up a tray where users can select filters, tags, text, cropping, and stickers.

Facebook Photo Slider

Overlaying text on photos mimics the functionality of Slingshot where text can be typed, resized, moved and the colour can be changed. While adding text onto an image, the uploader blurs out the photo, which is unlike what Snapchat does.

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