Facebook Q4 Earnings: 53% Ad Revenue Now from Mobile


Facebook Q4 Earnings: 53% Ad Revenue Now from Mobile

Facebook has released its fourth quarter earnings results. With all the recent talk of the networking giant losing 80% of its users by 2015, the results did reveal pretty interesting numbers, especially when it came to its mobile and advertising revenues.

Daily Active Users


Facebook has reported that it had 757 million active web users worldwide. The number of users grew to 62% QoQ in the fourth quarter of 2013. The number of daily active mobile users increased by 109% since the first quarter of 2012, to 556 million users.

Monthly Active Users

mobile monthly

Facebook’s monthly active web users were higher than the number of users who used the networking site daily. At 1,228 million people, Facebook’s web based monthly active users saw a steady growth since the first quarter of 2011. Percentage wise this was a 45.32% growth since then.

 Its mobile monthly active users saw an enormous surge. Mobile monthly active users on Facebook grew by 118% from Q4 2011 to 945 million people in 2013. It doubled from the 432 million people who had used it in the fourth quarter of 2011. Of the two types of users who accessed Facebook through mobile, about 296 million accessed the site from mobile phones alone.


ad revs

With all the stops that Facebook has been pulling out to please advertisers, it isn’t surprising that $2,344 million of its revenues came from advertising, while a tiny $241 million came from other fee and payments. Revenues increased by 28% QoQ. A major chunk of the revenue came from US and Canada. Facebook’s advertising revenue from Asia was about $318 million. In India, the networking site has about 94 million users. 72 million of Facebook’s users from India are men.

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