Facebook Reached 350 Million Mark

Facebook crosses yet another milestone with 350 million users connecting around the world. This  astounding figure simply reflects how facebook has become such a huge buzz word lately. The world’s largest social network has shown no signs of saturation point in adding new users whereas sites like Myspace, Bebo and Hi5 are loosing popularity among masses.

Back in August 2008, Facebook hit 100 million users then it took just 5 months to surpass 150 million users. In April 2009, number grown to 200 million users and reached to 325 million mark  in seven months. Within no time, this figure jumped to 350 million in span of less than a month.

Mark Zuckerberg who introduced facebook to students and faculty of Harvard college could never have imagined, even in his wildest dreams, that one day it would establish a foothold in countries like India and China.

In an Open Letter from Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg mentions about changes in privacy settings. Facebook is all set to remove regional networks as it has grown exponentially over the past two years, so much so that it is no longer the best way for users to control their privacy. Zuckerberg states, “ The plan we’ve come up with is to remove regional networks completely and create a simpler model for privacy control where you can set content to be available to only your friends, friends of your friends, or everyone.”

Right now Facebook is undoubtedly the most popular social networking site in world. Having said that Orkut still have more users than Facebook in India. In the near future, will Facebook overtake Orkut in India?  
What’s your take?

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