Data: 30% of new Facebook users in India register via mobile phone

India is turning out to be a ‘mobile-only Internet economy’  and a recent stat by Facebook reveals that 30% of new registrations to the site come from mobile phones.

“30% of new Facebook users in India register on a mobile phone*, suggesting they don’t also have an Internet-connected PC, Emily White, Facebook’s director of mobile partnerships, said in a presentation at the Social Loco conference on Monday” [via].

We earlier covered Opera report which stated that 49% of people who are using the mobile Internet either never, or infrequently, use the desktop Internet.

Monetization and Mobile? Given the rise of mobile as an access medium, Facebook has been struggling to monetize the mobile eyeballs and hence recently launched ‘Promoted Posts’ to push in-stream advertising (as opposed to pure-play banner ads).

Plus, it’s important to note that Facebook has focused on local language support for its Facebook for Every Phone mobile application and added support for Indian languages like Hindi, Marathi, Malayalam, Tamil,Kannada, Gujarati, Bengali and Punjabi very recently.

So the adoption of mobile is probably a correlation of local language support and rise of mobile internet usage in the country*.

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*: The data mentions ‘register using mobile phone’, but that doesn’t necessarily translate into exclusive usage – so keep that data in context and we do not agree that registration via mobile should be taken as ‘exclusive access via mobile’ as is being reported by several media/blogs (unless Facebook shares more data regarding access).

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