Facebook spam on the rise : Is it headed the Orkut way?

Facebook is no doubt a great platform to keep in touch with your friends but privacy on Facebook has been hotly debated. Last year there was a major overhaul in Facebook’s privacy features after it drew a lot of criticism from the internet community. Privacy fears may have been put to rest on Facebook, for now it seems, but there’s another factor that’s adding to discontent amongst the users of the world’s most popular social network, spam. Facebook spam has steadily been growing and its unsuspecting users that propagate it unknowingly. Spamsters trick users into believing that clicking on the link might show them their profile views and such.

Orkut, Google’s social network that lost it due to fake profiles, spam and lack of privacy, is a good example of what can happen when users are disgruntled. You may recall that Orkut had been hit by Bom Sobado virus last year, it collected information and posted scraps on the scrapbook of all your contacts. Social gaming and posting to walls has been one of the major contributors to the success of Facebook, but there is no way a newbie user can tell the difference between spam posts and posts from friends.

Today a new spam app that is making the rounds on Facebook has already filled my wall as well as notifications page. Whatever space was left has been taken up by friends apologizing and asking me to ignore or posting unmentionable words directed at spammers. What a turn off! If you think your account may have been hacked, please change your password immediately and check the NextBigWhat.com page for updates on spam that we’ll be sure to report immediately.

A spam doing the rounds today will show you as tagged in a video and ask you to do a few key presses. The spam shows as its been sent from an iPhone and will post to friends too. Do not click on the spam message and mark as spam from your wall page ( Do no click on the notification if you see it in the bar at the top).

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